Real Estate in Chennai : an overview

Real Estate Properties in Chennai: Welcoming You to the Dream House

Chennai real estate scenario is ever changing! Places that were once remote and counted as suburb are now buzzing with numerous properties. The city is known to be one of the stable real estate markets of the country. This is because buyers who do not want to take risks dominate the city’s real estate market. There is almost little to no speculation involved in buying of properties in Chennai. The buyers here are mostly the ultimate end users buying properties for their own use. This makes the city a hub for homebuyers though investors are also present.

While certain belts in the city are doing quite well in terms of investments, other areas are showing a slowdown. Areas of Old Mahabalipuram Road house some of the biggest IT companies, thus the real estate market here is abuzz. Other new micro markets are also cropping up along this corridor that offer affordable housing options in Chennai. One can think of making long-term investments in these micro markets that deliver high ROI.

Somme corridors of growth within the city are north Chennai and Grand Trunk Rad. Plots as well as apartments for sale in Chennai-all can be found in these two markets. Being in the growth path, the two regions offer affordable property prices to both buyers and investors.

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