Services-the Caretaker endeavours to be your real estate advisors as well as property managers and not real estate brokers. Our aim is to bring transparency and trust in all our transactions. We look forward to facilitate our clients with the best options in property well within your budget. Whether one is staying away from home or their properties (mostly NRI’s), our Property Management Services - the Caretaker ensures to provide excellent property management services to our clients.

Property Management can prove to be quite a vague term for many. Our services specifically include Buying and Selling Properties, Renting out and looking after tenancy issues, Household Maintenance services such as Electricals, Plumbing, Interior, painting, Cleaning, Home Security, Gardening, Pest Control, Fabrication, Packing and Moving etc. Buying a property can be a mix of experiences - baffling, confusing, satisfying as well as freeing. We at choose to make property buying experience a pleasant one with our easy to access services right from the point of gathering information about the desired property until the time you take possession of your property. Our services are listed below:  Contact Us

Household Maintenance

At we believe in delivering our clients the right property with zero defects, ambiguity and no aggrieved customers. From Asset Management to Facility Management, we pride ourselves in following a high tech system so that high quality services are rendered, always. Our experience at handling various properties, all at once, keeps us on our toes and in the upper ladder of the market echelon.   Contact Us.

  • Our Household Maintenance Services takes into consideration covering a bad spot on the wall to fixing the water leakage pipe in the bathroom. From electrical, plumbing, painting, gardening, interior, cleaning, pest control, home security to moving and packing, our gamut of services would make your stay enjoyable and relaxed.

  • We also provide customized services as peer the requirements of our clients. We take the responsibility of maintaining the client’s property to perfection so that the list of prospective buyers is always on the positive side.

  • We take care of recommended repairs and improvement, landscaping, grounds and equipment and other building facilities, investigate and settle complains and disturbances if any etc.

  • Our knowledge goes beyond the basic requirements of the clients who might not be aware of the intricacies of the property market. It becomes imperative for us to bring the entire details about properties-rental, ownership, buying/selling and household maintenance services to our clients in an endeavour to deliver what we aim for.

  • Our end-to-end real estate solutions assist the clients in shortlisting, selecting, buying and possessing the right property within their budget.

  • For those looking out to sell their property, our professional team exercises their years of expertise to get you the best deal for your property depending upon the recent market trends.

  • Our rental services are one of the best in the market as are our household maintenance services. While other real estate groups might provide you with the property, we provide you a property that is thoroughly inspected, free of any disruptions and legal issues, effectively maintained with proper financial and legal records as well as within your budget.

  • Right from property maintenance, fiscal management to administrative or clerical assistance, we have a delegated team for each task.

  • So if you are looking for buying/selling/rental/household maintenance services handled by professionals in the real estate market, look no further. You are at the right place!

Buying Property

With so many brokers, online property portals and builders mushrooming, buying property has never been so easy. Having said that, it is also true that buying property can also be very confusing and mind boggling with so many ready properties, rentals and projects underway. Here is where one needs a whole lot of information - regarding the property, its positioning, other amenities that the property and its surrounding area offers, status of the building or the property, total sq.ft.area, analysis of rate according to the recent market trends etc.

  • We assist our clients in every step in deciding to buy a property.

  • Not only do we provide the services at your fingertips through our online portal, we personally look after the clients’ requirements by arranging for site visits For NRI clients, their representatives can contact us to arrange visits for them.

  • Our online portal offers all the details about the property, its surrounding amenities, location, map, and the property photos to help you decide better.

  • The task of buying a property may seem never ending with a number of verification papers such as that of the property, Tax Paid Receipts, Encumbrance Certificates, RTC Extracts and other approval an clearance documents. Our expert realty team handles all these documentation and more.

  • Right from verification for the property papers by an experienced lawyer to handling the entire legal procedure for our clients; our expertise is backed by extensive market research and analysis. Our team is continuously on their feet to provide the clients with the best investment opportunities.

Selling Property

If you wish to sell your property, you might be quite confused as to where to begin. is ready to assist you with your property sale. Our expert sales department team is comprised of certified realtors who pride themselves on serving the needs of buyers in sellers in this often very confusing real estate market. All one needs to do is register with our online portal and post your property details - the pictures, location and route, amenities that the property offers and the expected rate. Contact Us.

  • The clients can directly contact our team of property advisors and we would be happy to guide you on how to portray your property on the portal so that you get the maximum like-minded buyers.

  • Our team would personally visit you to inspect the property and discus the complete sales procedure with you.

  • We also advise our clients on how to better position their property for sale.

  • A through comparative market analysis from our team would guide the client on the recent sales in the area and the suggested listing price.

  • Once the client lists the property on our online portal, they can be rest assured that our professional team would effectively market your property in multiple listing service as well as web-based media and in print.

  • Our best marketing strategy, which is customised and suited for your individual needs and particular property, would place your property in a strong seller footing rather than just placing it on a standard marketing plan.

  • We play a vital coordination role between the property holder and the prospective buyers. We look after the entire legal documentation and completion task.

  • We even negotiate with the prospective buyers on the client’s behalf so that you get the best deal.

  • Our NRI clients need not worry since we take care of the entire legal procedure. Checking and drafting of sales agreement, sale deed, RTC extracts and other clearance and approval certificates-we take care of every single detail.

  • Once under our supervision, we would make sure that everything goes smoothly until the closing date.


Now the NRIs do not have to worry about their rental properties. We at provide an entire gamut of rental services, thus providing the client with the peace of mind that their property is under expert supervision. Our domain services include- Contact Us.

  • evaluation reports, property marketing, tenant meeting, negotiations, legal issues and responsibilities, rent payment, and regular maintenance of the property.

  • Our professional analysis team will analyse the market and prepare an accurate evaluation report for the clients.

  • We assist in building a customised property marketing strategy to suit to individual needs.

  • Our wide network of local brokers, newspaper advertisements etc. would cover all areas of property marketing.

  • We also take the responsibility of meeting the prospective tenants and gather complete information about them.

  • Our negotiating skills are always on work to get you the best deal.

  • Brief legal issues and other tenant responsibilities are taken care of for the clients. Our services do not end here.

  • Once the deal is covered, we undertake the responsibility of collection of monthly payment cheques and its deposition in the bank ay escalation in the rent as per contract is affected smoothly under our supervision. s

  • Our extensive repair and maintenance service would ensure a smooth staying experience by the tenants and hassle free renting out of property by the client. Any damage or loss of inventory will be recorded and reported at the time of vacating the property.

  • Our services include making a detailed list of assets of our client’s property to avoid any confusion in the future.

  • Our extended service takes into purview Accounting Service Books of accounts, TDS payment details and filling of income tax returns in India.

  • Our property management team check out the credentials of the prospects in details. After all, both property inspection and prospective buyer credentials play an important role in renting out a property.

  • A lot may go wring if this step is mishandles and keys are handed out to the prospective tenants without much depth. Checking prospective tenants’ credits and rental history makes sense, especially when your client is an NRI.

  • Our Property Manager services can be summed up as-

  • Actively involved in physical property as well as functions directly impacting occupancy

  • Supporting the goal of maximizing rental income in addition to maintaining the assets of the owners with our established systems

  • Scheduling appointments for tours, discussions with clients, recording phone calls as well as interested clients on online portal and in person

  • Submitting complete rental application for screening service

  • Submitting completed paperwork for Pre-approval of household to the Lease administrator for Tax Credit properties

  • Notifying and scheduling the clients for lease signing and joint move-in inspection

  • Reviewing pending service requests and provide required direction to maintenance staff for the work as required

  • Keep the vacant units clean and in ‘rent ready’ condition

  • Complete pre-inspections on units that are ready to be rented out

  • Scheduling and co-ordinating preventive maintenance

  • Co-ordinate and schedule pest control termite treatments

  • Complete lease concerns, weekly reports, Tax Credit Set Aside monitoring, monthly financial statements and other special projects undertaken from the client.

  • Taking care of complete transaction till the tenant/owner gets the keys in his hands

  • Our tie-ups and good relations with some of the top bans that provide loans at attractive interest rates such as HDFC, IDBI, PNB, SBI etc. make us th mot preferred property managers in the market